bikesharing made simple.

Bike fleets that are easy to manage and simple to use.

For universities, cities, businesses & more
Better with Data Cost-effective
Optimize transit planning with real-time data collection, keep track of system metrics, and let users see where the bikes are. Software based stations instead of expensive kiosk infrastructure lowers cost per bike by 50% or more.


Give your students, faculty, and staff good options for moving around campus, at a fraction of the cost of shuttles or parking infrastructure.

  • Run fewer shuttle buses and ride services
  • Reduce traffic congestion and parking infrastructure
  • Connect to public transit in the area


Provide a clean mode of transportation for residents and tourists while fostering a great community environment. Bikesharing is great addition to a multi-modal transit plan.

  • More impact per dollar than any other form of transit
  • Provide first and last mile connectivity
  • Reduce emissions and cut traffic
  • Create more livable neighborhoods


Employees’ time is precious, and many companies make it a priority to provide good transportation. viaCycle helps workers get around faster while staying healthier.

Ask us about our proven benefits to your bottom line.

Apartments, Condos, Resorts

Providing bikes as an amenity is a great way to attract residents, tenants, and guests. Create a green image for your property and build a sense of community.

Shared bikes can also help with LEED ratings and alleviate bike storage problems.