viaCyle combines new ideas in transportation with cutting edge IT to let people to live and work the way they want.

Our bicycle sharing system is more advanced and more economical than anything else on the market, which means more places can install it and more people can use it. viaCycle can transform a neighborhood by making transportation simple, affordable, convenient, and fun.


Kyle Azevedo

Kyle obtained a Master's in ME from Georgia Tech with a research focus in urban transportation. He brings knowledge of the transportation industry and experience with planning and evaluating transit systems. Previously, at The Ford Motor Company, he developed a method for evaluating energy use and emissions output in transportation networks.

Siddharth 'Sid' Doshi

Sid brings engineering design, web development and CAE know-how to viaCycle. A graduate of the MSME program at Georgia Tech, with a focus on Systems Design, his research was centered around the effects of technology on urban transportation. For the Ford Motor Company, he worked on the forward looking Ford Urban Mobility Networks project.

Koji Intlekofer

Sustainability and solid engineering practices have been the focus of Koji’s life. With the Sustainable Business Strategies group at the Ford Motor Company, he worked on electric vehicle strategies and electrical infrastructure technology. Koji also headed the proposal writing group to secure the initial $50k grant which kick-started viaCycle.

Yuriy Romaniw

Yuriy Romaniw is a PhD candidate in ME at Georgia Tech, and has a background in manufacturing and aerospace engineering. He has working knowledge of vehicle design and experience in design and construction of a competition solar car. Yuriy handles hardware design and manufacturing for viaCycle.

Karl Waters

Karl received a Bachelor's in EE at the University of Washington and has focused his career and hobbies on mobile electronics and embedded software. Karl provides viaCycle with a passion for alternative energy sources and experience in cellular technology, electronics design and testing, embedded software development, and PCB testing and manufacturing.