Easy to Deploy

viaCycle provides everything required for a shared bike fleet.

We set up and maintain the program website for you, and you can choose the pricing, membership plans, station locations and branding.

The bikes come equipped with automated locks, ready to deploy. Just put up signage at the selected bike racks and lock up the bikes there.


Easy to Manage

Every viaCycle tracks location and ridership, while monitoring for maintenance needs and unauthorized use.

Using our online management platform, administrators can access all this information at a glance. Trip data can be analyzed for use in city planning, carbon offsets, LEED certification, or employee health programs.

We also provide the option of a turnkey service, where viaCycle manages everything, including all bike maintenance and regular redistribution.


Easy to Use

Riders (students, residents, etc.) can register at the program specific website.

Once registered, they can unlock any bike by calling, texting the bicycle ID, or through our app. The entire process involves a single step. No iPhone or smartphone needed; any mobile phone will work.

Users can also login to their account to track their rides, and purchase credit if the program requires it.


Complete Customization

Need more control? Already have an existing bike fleet?

viaCycle can tailor services to your requirements. Our technology can also be retro-fitted on almost any bike, so you can use your existing fleet. Just tell us what you need.